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Sunday, February 28, 2010

kasalanan nino???

hasyt..ang hirap maghanap ng damit for the black and white party...

haha..mas madali pa last year dahil casual lang...and mas mura pa..unlike ngayon..tsk...expensive!!!..

tsk, sino bang nag-suggest ng black and white party???..

ako!!!haha..bakit kasi yun pa naisip ko??

pwede namang costume party, children's or pajama..mas madali pa kesa black and white...haha

my bad :)

cas night 2010!

black and white party..

as in-charge sa video presentation..nakakapagod..pero ok lang...for the love of cas nga daw eh...hahaha

sana maging masaya...and mas maganda :)


Friday, February 26, 2010


happy that am back with my reading schedule...

it's been a while since i can chill with my books..

glad that am going back on track...

and thanks to book sales, i don't have to spend that much :)...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


all my files...

gone with the wind..CORRUPTED!!! amf..

hate it...

hate the lap top and also the mem.stick...

last night, poodle dared me na basagin ang laptop..bigla ko lang naalala..nakapag-basag na pala ako, ngayon, kaya ko talaga :)..toinks..

fu*cking files..hate..hate

Monday, February 22, 2010

all about LOVE! 4

Reflection: Married Life: A Vocation of Sharing Joy to another Human Heart

Marriage as all of us will state is an act based on love. The foundation of every relationship and so with being married is the love and care you give unconditionally. To be married isn’t easy. Once you’d entered it, there’s no backing out. Though annulment is being honored here, it isn’t an escape to run from what you’d started.

To be married is a sacrifice: a matter of giving up what you want to fulfill the need of your partner. It is a manner of sharing: a give and take relationship. It is appreciative: never nag but rather learn to see the beauty of other. And marriage should be forever: till death you are part of each other.

To start a family and be in a family is a commitment that one must stand. It is hard but, nonetheless, with proper guidance and graces of God, the relationship surely would pass anything. Respect should be given to each member and the continuous flow of support and care be your habit.

This gives us the key to happiness and fulfillment in marriage. Happiness and fulfillment are not something that we obtain directly. If we say, “I see fulfillment there, and I’m going there now and get it,” we will find that it disappears when we arrive. We do not obtain it directly but indirectly. In other words it is a result of something else… and that “something else” is self-giving. Do not look so much on how your spouse will make you happy. Look instead at how you can give yourself away to each other.

all about LOVE! 3

Reflection: A Legal Union; a Lasting Commitment

Marriage is sacrament that is instituted by Christ. It is a legal contract between a man and a woman entering a family and conjugal life. Definitions of it may be as simple as it may sound but, the legality and the ecclesiastic needs and requirements are not to be treated as easy as one-two-three. If in any point in your life you’d decided to get into it, to be married, you are therefore required by the laws of the land and of the Church to comprehend to their rules and regulations.

To build a family is a task that is to be taken deeply. And to be able to start well, you and your partner should know the basic requisites of marriage before doing such. Formal it is but surely you need to act on the way the “laws” wanted us to be or else, voidable and annullable marriage is for you to face.

Marriage is a sacred and permissible way of giving and showing your love to the other. It is neither not a joke nor a moment of being crazy. It should be real and honest; pure and clean. It must be presented in a manner that is to be accepted and acknowledged by our Holy Church and at the same time be respected by the Family Code.

all about LOVE! 2

Reflection: Vocation Quest: Discerning a Religious Vocation

“Many are called, but few are chosen.” Every one of us has our own calling. Some may answer back to the Spirit’s call and some rather ignore it and continue with his day-to-day living…To enter or not; to be part or be out? More so, the essence of the “call” is not saying plainly “yes” today but rather, on how you live and perform with it.

People around the world, 24/7 are in the move. Busy doing stuffs that we perceived our way of fulfilling ourselves’ needs and wants. Due to the ever changing and fast phased of existence, we are pretending to be blind and deaf and so we can’t answer righteously to whatever it is that God has been showing and telling us.

To serve God does not plainly cages you to the walls of convents or seminaries but rather, you are there to serve and honor God’s creations, God’s people. To share your self with others enables the other to bring back the love and care that Christ had done to us. Sacrificing means embracing every ache and every cry of humanity and learning to appreciate the existence of every heart there is.

all about LOVE! 1

reflection to my r.e 08...

Reflection: Single Blessedness: A life of Love and Charity

Life is a matter of choice. Every one of us has the privilege to prefer what we think is right and would be just for ourselves. Some may be happy having a “someone” to be with and some actually aspires to live their lives alone or more or less, the term is being “single.” To be single is not literally to back-out out on people around you but rather, the status of oneself proclaiming that he can handle his self proudly without the help of a mate.

To live life for single people is to serve a) own self: prioritizing their needs and their wants and b) God: giving themselves selflessly to be the image and likeness of Christ. Triggering factors may include past experiences: aches and perhaps joys of life. One way or the other, the status of being single explains character of self expression.

It is hard not having a family of your “own.” The fear of being left out sooner or later is a reality that single people can’t escape. Who will be taking care of me in the future? Whom I can tell my worries? And so on and so forth. This thinking and self sorting may come up to their senses but, still, they stand with what they deem: to be single.

Predicaments of being single may include judgment from the other. Some raises brows on individuals who choose this way but more so, who are we to judge their being? It is their ground for their life, and what we need is to respect and be supportive of it. If God had allowed them to be like that, who in the world are you to commend on their status?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

just can't get it...



am not mad...

am just a little pissed and anxious....


Saturday, February 20, 2010

old friend...

kung ng mga nakaraang araw nakahanap ako ng new friends...

ngayon naman...nahanap ko ay old friend..hehehe

alyssa..back from grade school :0

thanks sa networking social sites..nahanap namin ang isa't isa :)...

happy ;0


ako ang assigned for the documentary...

wala akong cam..huhu...

i need one before 730 tomorrow!!! amf :(..naman

bakit kasi nakalimutan ko yung cam..di ko nakuha..huhu

Friday, February 19, 2010


i guess pattie's right...

she's my long lost friend...moreover, the sister i never had ;)

am glad we'd met...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


KOlehiyo ng Sining at Agham...

ang galing talaga!!!..haha

congratz mga peeps...naks, banat talaga kung banat!



i know this may sound crazy but, nonetheless, am happy am graduating at the age of 19 :)


march 21 is the graduation; march 22 is my birthday :)


hope the sched wouldn't change...wanna graduate at college with a "teen" at my age...hehe :0

happy birthday!

happy birthday pareng luv!!!

love yah friend :0

Monday, February 15, 2010


just finished reading twisted 8 1/2 :)..

i just love zafra's wit...

can't wait for the next twisted...


Fiscal Sarceda and Atty. Andres...

May they soul rest in peace...

Thursday, February 11, 2010


ang sarap ng feeling..malapit na lang..

feel na feel ko na siya :)

natapos na yung pictorial..nakakakilig..hehe

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

oh well...

ok na sana..matatapos na ang araw ko...

maganda na talaga...kung baga good day...

*natapos ko na ang thesis namin...
*nakuha ko allowance ko
*natapos na ojt ko and napakain na namin sila attorney
*nakatulog ako ng mahimbing...
*nakapag-bbq pa ako!!! kuya..tsk, bumanat pa..

sabi ni manong nag-bbq...parang pumapayat ka...

sa kabaliktaran...haha

i hate you kuya!!!:)

kapag ako pumayat ulit..ewan ko lang..haha

bwisit pa sa kantiyaw si chuva..amf..hehe

Monday, February 8, 2010


Lawyer am I...soon!!!

i will and i can...

i need and i want!!!

Atty. Jessie Neth Mendoza-BAuto..hehe