Jessie's World

Jessie's World

Sunday, September 19, 2010

am i happy???



if boredom can kill, yes am dead...blah, blah, blah...this isn't new to me but yeah...what words can best describe it in the first place???

am fucked up!!!

how to pull back time???how to be back and dwell forever with my fun memories??? I wanna go home...i wanna be with my friends and darn it i wanna be back to my pigging out life...!!!

it's unfair to judge my ownself but nonetheless, the success i have is a zero that is not to be seen for now...i have been told to slow down and take a break...maybe rate what the hell really i want with my life and so on and so forth but the crap...tell me, how on earth will i stop???

i wanna be a billionaire..i wanna be famous...i wanna stand up my own! yes am 20 but the age scares me..seriously! i should be starting whatever should be started...

i feel like my time is running too fast and i can't hooked it or twinned it to were it supposed to be... am drowning...drowning with my ambition and dreams...hayst...

yes, am tired but no, i don't wanna exhale and is not worth it...

help me please...entertain me..redirect me so i will have a new perspective!

politicking...politicking...i wanna be back to politicking...misses the old jessie ;(

Saturday, September 18, 2010

wanna play

i just wanna play with fire and i hope am not be burned by it...i wanna have fun and yes it's dangerous but yeah, just gonna give it a tr...the hell been boxed with all the goodness...

i just wanna come out and try it for once!