Jessie's World

Jessie's World

Friday, April 26, 2013

pusong nga-nga :)

Ung tipong wala ka namang karapatan, nagdradrama ka ng walang humpay...nakakabwisit lang kasing isipin na kahit kailan hindi ka magiging akin. Walang tayo, hindi pwedeng maging tayo kahit patay na patay ako sa'yo :) hahayst. Nga-nga to the nth time na lang.

Hindi talaga ako swerte pagdating sa relasyon. Kaboom!

Monday, April 15, 2013

dating game

*am tipsy while doing this one so pardon the misspellings and also the bitchiness*

So, for this past weeks am being involved to this dating scene...different nationalities and what in is part of the expatriate world...

Moving on, I have met a lot...I've dated an Egyptian actor, a half Russian, half Jordan hotelier, Irish human resource expert and then a Persian sky king... all are fun, they are very creative actually when it comes to dating. Nonetheless, they aren't the guy, moreover, the man am looking for (oh well, the Russian got me head over heels though)

Anyhow, I must admit, I've lowered my specs by doing such...who does too much dates in a week???

I am bored and trying to experiment my horizons...actually testing my confidence if I can do it...

Too much drama actually...cause as I've said, those are my first ambiguous dates...
They are all gentle men but also, they are all players...I just simply know.

It saddens me that I have to go this far just to meet that fucking pathetic really?

*to be continued because now am not just tipsy but drunk  :) hoho*

Lesson learned: Not everything you wanted may be given to you. Dreams are dreams and reality sucks and better deal with it :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Not my Guy

It is what he has done and how he made me special that pains me. He is the only guy who had treated me as a princess and at the same time allowed me to loosen up.

For years I've been looking for that someone who could make me head over heels...and he did, moreover, he turned my whole world upside done.

Now, what saddens me is the fact that he could never be mine. That one night was special and that's the end of it. No more, no less...

He will just be part of the past, a good memory...the guy wearing a suit and driving a red sports car :)