Jessie's World

Jessie's World

Friday, August 27, 2010


all i can say is stupid..stupid and fucking stupid...!!!

for all that happened..for all the idiosyncrasy that had played..shoot! that was really stupid!!



political wise, more options should had been pushed..the trigger should had been fucking waved!

what act have they'd done in the first place??standing there watching all the drama and doing NOTHING!!!

shame on those officials who wears uniforms during that instance..shame on those "nagmamagaling na opisyal"na tumunganga lang..and shame on PNOY for not stepping up!

how come it lasted that long???how come that it been covered as brutal as that??? were are the the freaking experts to negotiate???were are those trained professionals???

fucking sleeping all of you!!! shame on you you morons!

analyze everything..this is a total death mark to foreign relations and investments!!! tsk,

freedom of speech..i have the right to commend on your paying my better do your jobs right and straight!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

just another day

took the liberty of putting my foot one step forward..but i guess it's not worth trying at all..disappointments are there all along and i have to take it as open as possible...

tell me not to surrender nor to back out...oh please do give me a sign! ;(

Thursday, August 12, 2010

busy bee

haven't blog that much nor net even...gRRRrrr..freaking what the hell is happening to my life???

zero social life, zero party life, zero money and darn zero with my relationship!!!

hahayst..going crazy with all the changes and what not with life if you can call my life a life...

anyway burning and mad like hell with my career path...fucking cursing the mismatch of decisions i made...

hayst..just wish the best of luck and better get out with all these shits that roams my life...