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Jessie's World

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Christmas is the time:

To share...
To love...
To give...
And to forget...

Everyday should be Christmas! :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I was with her during her chemo days. Seeing her everyday was a trauma for me. I mean, the chemo didn't resulted her to became weak and vomit as mostly people under treatment are. Nonetheless, the thought that she is on stage 3, going 4 already, only means one thing. And it happened last night.

My Aunt Rebing died last night due to cancer: cervical cancer to be exact. I no longer know what to feel. I cried for her lost and, this may sound wrong, glad that finally she'd joined our creator. No more pain, no more suffering, no more cancer battle.

*sigh* She's the 7th this year for our family...I want to turn numb, to no longer feel the pain of losing someone but I can't...Sad Christmas really it is. :(

Friday, December 16, 2011


How I wish that Santiago City is like Da Fort: I can jog at night without taking the weird looks and impressions, "What the hell is she doing?".

Metro mentality, I misses you :(!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Math do me no good!

I just had an online examination this morning and for the nth time, Math had murdered me! Seriously, what's with me and Math that we can not get along with? I am not good when it comes to numbers. I know the basics, MDAS (multiplication, addition, division and subtraction) and aside from that, am a total dumb ass. I don't even know or should I say, lucky me I passed my college Math!

The Math examination has fractions, ratios, percentages and all in it. I seriously freaked out and stupid me, in my desperation to solved it, I googled "Scientific Calculator!" Genius of me right??? tsk, tsk... That didn't helped me at all.

I stared blankly to my monitor and the heck did what I know best when it comes to Math, mini-my-ni-mo...I just clicked whatever answer I guessed would be right. Now, am waiting for the result of it...Am no longer aiming to have a high score, all I want is to pass! 75% would be good enough...I really have my fingers crossed, both hands and feet on it!

Silly me, Fuck you Math!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the idea

Everyone's getting married and starting a family. Almost every quarter, two or more of my batch mates (high school and college), even my friends would announce that they are pregnant or gonna be married. That got me thinking...

You know the feeling of being left out and getting to age??? That's what am dealing right now. They are on that state already when in the first place I haven't found a decent boyfriend! Poor me!!!

The situation is literally bugging me because am just 21! The hell???!!! I can't imagine myself settling down at this point in my life. Nonetheless, am jealous with them...Seeing their babies and living a new life.

Now I admit it, more or less am dreaming the what ifs if I'll be married or have a kid by this date...dumbidum...dumbidum...would I be happy just in case?

Been reiterating with my blogs that I am ambitious, but in that sense, none in my ambition is to be married...dreaming, not aiming for it. I even told my friends that am really not seeing myself with a husband in the future...just kid/s which is inconsiderate of me. I am numb...I became numb (blame my misfortunes when it comes to love) *sigh*

But who knows right? we can never can tell what would be in the future. Maybe, maybe..maybe one day I can also announce, "GUYS AM PREGNANT! or, GUYS, AM GETTING MARRIED" *that comes out weird* *sigh*

Thorn between...

Been bumming around for the past 4 months. It is relaxing at some point, more so, expensive. It has been hard financially on my end, thankfully, I still have my parents to support me. (unconditional love it is) Nevertheless, am not proud of myself.

Everyone that I know knows that I am ambitious, freaking ambitious! And being at this point of my life is not healthy for me. *sigh*

Alright, enough with the bum part...The issue that I have at hand is this: I have two job offers now and I don't know to which I'll sign contract with.

(Clearing my throat) The job offers came from prominent companies. The first one is from an engineering firm that is wildly known and patronized in US. The 2nd one came from a shopping empire. Both positions they are giving are in line with HR...Am really having a hard time to decide.

Asked my friends to which they think would be better and all of them said I should go with the shopping empire. It should be easier for me given all my friends' thoughts but still doubting. Am confused...confused...and confused!

I am afraid that my decision will end up to the same exact thing I've encountered during my last employment. Just a quick walk on memory lane: My second job, before I signed up with them, I also had the same situation that I am within right now. Job offer from the food and wellness versus the offer from a construction firm: I agreed with the food and wellness. Moreover, after signing with the food and wellness, the thoughts of what ifs came to my mind. It haunted me almost everyday that resulted to my resignation, not good, career suicide! So there, due to that, now am afraid to choose...

Tsk,tsk...been thinking on what to do the whole day and I haven't come near to any yet...Oh my...what to do???

Monday, December 5, 2011

Is someone reading this blog of mine?

Just someone actually reading these pages of mine??? There are profile views, moreover, are there readers???