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Jessie's World

Friday, August 21, 2015


Mind over Matter --- Fails when your Heart is Stupid. This is something I couldn't argue more with. Everyone of us, in some point in our life, our heart, though not as intelligent enough, won over our rational and logical mind. We, I, became stupid myself. Stupid enough that I ask, "How dumber more it will get?"

I don't know if love should be considered a gift at this point in my life. More like, it is a curse where I hurt myself deeper and deeper. The more I care, the more I will be wounded. The more shit I try to take, the crappier the outcome will be. It is the total opposite of the fairy tales I grew up with.

They say, if you are hurt, it is not love; what is it then? If love doesn't require to be hurt, then why millions of people cry over it? Is it all along that everyone's concept of love is wrong? What is true love then? What is the kind of love that wouldn't allow any tears (hurt per se)?

I mean, God loves us. He sacrificed His Son, Jesus, to save humanity. In such, I therefore assumed, He is hurt by what He did. So in that instance, is it love or not? When my parents disciplined us when we were kids, they physically and verbally hurt us. Does it mean they didn't love me? When my friends do stupid things and ended up me being hurt, does it also mean our relationship is not based on love or there is no love at all?

How do we decode love and not ending to be nuisance about everything? 

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