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Monday, April 24, 2017


Cigarette, a stick which consist nicotine, carbon monoxide, acrolein and etc. For non-smokers, it is simply an annoying item that produces awful smoke that may harm their health. For smokers (am a member of the club), a substance that makes us relax, entertained and let us not think shits for few minutes.

Smoking cigar has been long part of human history. Since its invention on the 9th century, people seems to be addicted to it. There are huge markets of cigarettes; may it be from the 3rd world, class up to the finest societies there are. Monopolies left and right; ruling the society not to ban such product even though its campaigns airs that it is injurious to health.

So what do we, I, gain from smoking? See, before, I also hated smoking and smokers. I tried it before, during my high school days due to peer pressure but never I got hooked to it. It is disgusting for me. I am actually irritated by those individuals that smokes and one way or the other, I uttered judgment to them (not knowing soon I will be puffing also). Years passed, college came then during my first years as a young professional; parties, meetings and all, still, I didn't smoked---at all. I will just grab a stick and smell it; no lighting it up. I am contented.

Fast forward, I worked to health and wellness company and irony it is, everyone smokes. Meetings will be done on the smoking area. The executives will discuss stuffs to you at the smoking area. If I pass one smoke invite, I will loose business essentials. So there I was, forced to smoke just to be efficient with work. And as they say, the rest is history.

From 2 sticks a day to come 5 and then more when I am drinking; bunch more if restless days comes.

*** OMG. I actually don't know how to continue this one. After almost two years, only now I've logged back :) Oh well, anyhow, will still just post it. haha

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